Best Bike Gadgets and Accessories

Whether you’re a casual rider, a daily commuter, or a pro cyclist, having the right gear for the journey can make a huge difference.

Looking for a special gift for your bike? Want a handsome bag to satisfy all of your urban cycling needs? Or maybe a high-tech helmet or a new lighting system to boosts your visibility in traffic? What about a smart denim jacket that connects to the internet?

Designed to satisfy your every demand on the road, these innovative, design-savvy bike gadgets and accessories will make your ride as smooth as silk, without sacrificing style for safety or the other way around.

Aiming to make cycling at night in urban environments safer, the Beryl Laserlight is essentially a 300 lumen LED front light with a built-in green laser. This ground-breaking feature allows it to project a bright bicycle symbol 6m onto the road ahead, alerting drivers and pedestrians that a real bike is coming their way. The gizmo is fully waterproof, durable, and easy to install.

Update your cycling gear with the ultimate bike helmet! Featuring integrated brake and turn signal lights, Lumos keeps you visible and safe on the road, especially at night. This award-winning piece of equipment is controlled via a wireless remote that mounts to the handlebar and comes with 10 white LEDs on the front, 38 red LEDs on the back, and 11 orange LEDs for each turn signal. These not only increase your visibility, but also let other traffic participants anticipate your next move.

Make grocery shopping a breeze with TrolleyTote, a folding rear bicycle basket complete with telescopic handle and wheels for easy use at the market. This smart and simple bike accessory is compatible with all Topeak MTX racks, and can be flattened for storage thanks to its nifty collapsible design.

A high-quality analog smartwatch designed for cycling, Moskito also doubles as a bike computer, being able to indicate your current speed, the time you’ve been riding, as well as the distance you’ve covered. Manufactured in Switzerland, it looks like a classic chronograph timepiece, but when mounted on your bike’s handlebar, it converts into a handy bicycle speedometer.

Crafted from military waxed canvas, The Executive 2.0 by Two Wheel Gear has you covered in any cycling situation, whether commuting to work or taking a biking tour throughout the country. An updated version of their classic Garment Pannier, this water resistant hybrid garment bag keeps your laptop safe and your clothes wrinkle free on the bike, while also functioning as a carry-on luggage on the plane.

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