The Cyclamatic CX2 foldaway electric bike is compact, convenient and efficient. On top of this, it has an elegant aluminum frame which not only makes it attractive, but also with stands adverse weather and desired durability without compromising the weight of the bike.


The bike can easily be folded into a portable form that can be stored or transported easily.

foldaway electric bike

More features:

  • Instinctive twist shift acceleration with stress-free thumb shift change gears.
    20″ wheels with stainless steel spokes which guarantees both strength and less weight.
  • Equipped with new Lithium-ion battery which runs the electric system of the bike. This battery weighs less than the conventional car battery and ha a low discharge rate.
  • Heavy duty battery 24 volts and 8 Amp
  • Can be used as a normal bike
  • Samson Champion tires
  • Natural Elegant aluminum frame
  • Shimano Tourney SIS-Index gears
  • Quick release battery (see photo below)
  • Quick release, front wheel
  • Electric Cables are bound to keep them tidy and protected from destruction when folding.
  • Front and rear V-brakes for rapid deceleration.electric foldaway bike

As noted earlier, Cyclamatic CX2 foldaway electric bicyces have a lot of benefits for the rider:

Great performance
This bike is fitted with a 250 watt motor that can make it achieve a top speed of around 15 miles per hour. In addition to that the motors require low maintenance due to a healthy motor life and value for money. On normal terrain, this bike is capable of covering a range of 40 to 50 kilometers.

This bike proves very ideal for traveling, especially when storage space is limited. It has the ability to fold conveniently occupying an incredibly small space. Technically, the bike folds at a midpoint along its crossbar and the handle bar. This forms a unique quick lock release system that can easily be stored in the car boot.

Compared to other forms of transport, bikes are very cheap. The initial cost of purchasing the bike is little compared to buying a car. Apart from this, it is also cheaper to maintain this bike compared to other form of transport.

It’s more importantly a healthy form of transport. Please have a look at the video below to get a real insight to what it’s like riding one of these:

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