Cyclamatic Power Plus CX1 Electric Mountain Bike with Lithium-Ion Battery Review



The Cyclamatic Power Plus CX1 Electric Mountain Bike with Lithium-ion Battery is an impressive bike that best suits anyone who enojoys to cycle in style and comfort. The Cyclamatic is recommended for professional, leisure or exercise purposes. The best part is that it can also be used by beginners without having to worry about accidents.



Lithium-ion battery

The e-bike has an upgraded lithium-ion battery that requires low maintenance and has low self-discharge hence charge is lost gradually. The battery also has a high energy density so as to ensure it lasts longer between charging intervals and hence can be used for long rides. The battery is also fully sealed to avoid any damage while cycling.

Energy efficient

The Cyclamatic maneuvers by pedal support, saving on energy since it is not influenced by the motor entirely. This feature is of advantage to beginners since it is not entirely up to them to cycle for the bike to move. In this case, the cyclist can choose either the traditional mode or the full throttle mode [suitable in longer rides]

Kenda tyres

High quality and durable Kenda tyres that are suited for both smooth and rough terrains, hence recommended for adventurous cyclists. The tyres are strong, fast and have excellent grip.


This e-bike is well-built and has a stylish appearance due to its silver finish, making it a great choice for trendy cyclists. The model’s design is also new and cannot be compared to older designs. It therefore saves on extra costs that would be incurred to improve its appearance.

Quick and easy folding

This is relevant in cases of minimal space for storing the e-bike or for travel purposes e.g. vacations. Folding takes less time whilst preventing damage on the parts such as the frame upon use.

Front suspension

This is in most mountain bikes for better maneuverability and comfort by use of shock absorbers. However, in this e-bike front suspension can be adjusted in accordance to the terrain that one is on hence making cycling on rough ground, downhill or uphill, much more easy. 

Padded saddle

Most e-bikes contain uncomfortable saddles. However, this is not the case in the Cyclamatic Power Plus CX. It has a long padded saddle that keeps the cyclist comfortable throughout the ride. The long saddle facilitates easy moving around and also gives the cyclist several riding position options.

Disc brakes

These brakes are best suited due to their easy accessibility for inspection. They are also built to operate linearly hence reducing occurrences of fastening up usually due to prolonged rides without greasing. The brakes can be considered waterproof. Also, the brakes cool really easily since they are installed in the open, and hence lack of unnecessary covering ensures a smooth and uninterrupted ride.

Ease of use and maintenance.

The e-bike has a quick release front wheel skewer that is convenient for when a cyclist is out riding and has no tools necessary to detach the wheel, either for repair or storage purposes. It also improves on the bike’s performance on rough grounds.

It also has a bell and reflector that can easily be detached.

Has a quick release on the battery that can be connected with no tools whatsoever especially if you have to detach the battery frequently.

A flexible seat that allows you to adjust the height to your preference.

The front mudguards are installed for easy access of road when the ground is wet while the rear mudguards protect the rear wheel.

Lasting rims

The bike has rims having a long a long lasting effect compared to traditional rims. They are built to endure and convey more load hence strengthening the wheels. They are mostly double spaced in order to emphasize on their longevity effect, designed to withstand harsh road conditions and abuse.

Appropriate cyclist

The bike is recommended for fourteen years and up so  you can confidently purchase one for a young cyclist. The weight limit is convenient for the larger part of the population and hence one need not feel insecure about purchasing. It also has great shock absorbers; so the cyclist’s weight is not a deterrent.

Ease of installation

The Cyclamatic e-bike requires minimal installation and comes along with a set of instructions that is easy to understand thus making it perfect for an online purchase. Only minor parts of the bike are installed by the buyer.


The bike travels for longer distances compared to traditional bikes. The motor, which is more powerful, acts up once the bike senses the pedaling which in turn makes the pedaling very easy. This increases the velocity of the bike, making it maneuver faster in any type of weather and also on hills with less effort. This improves its dependability since maneuverability is easy. 

Legal requirements

The bike is free of legal limitations like road taxes, insurance, license or riding gear.

Shimano gears

It is built with 21-speed Shimano gears that are durable and have strong chain rings. The gears allow the cyclist to maintain their, or close to, original speed after a shift. The gears shift easily and almost �intuitively’ as long as the cyclist understands how gears work. The gears can also be changed and replaced or inspected easily.

Simply put, the Cyclamatic Power Plus CX1 Electric Mountain Bike with Lithium-ion battery is a powerful bike a top buy for any interested in getting an e-bike.

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