RT 012 Fat Tire Bike Snow Bike Mountain Bike with Motor 500W 48V Lithium Battery

The Richbit  RT 012 comes in blue, orange, green and yellow. When you see the  fat tires you’re reminded of the Yamaha TW200 off-road motorcycle. This ebike is ready for any terrain: beach, snow, forest, mountains, its 4 inch FAT tires and awesome fork suspension can deal with any type of surface.

Weighing in at 57 pounds, it is on the heavy side, but given how heavy-duty this all-terrain bike is, that’s totally understandable and you’ll when feel the weight and power under you on rockier surfaces you’ll sure be glad it’s such a smooth beast!

Richbit ebike

It’s equipped with a 350 brushless DC motor powered by a removable, sealed lithium battery pack. What’s cool about ebikes is you can choose to rely on the pedals or on the battery. On battery alone it can hit almost 22 miles per hour with a maximum range of almost 28 miles. Give it a little light assistance and you can extend that by a good margin.

Leave the steep uphills to the battery and give some pedal power to the flat straights. The Richbit has three modes – pure twist-throttle electric, pedal assist, or pedal power only. Recharging takes 1-4 hours to complete.

There are some nice extras like the LED headlight and kickstand, and price-wise, it is an investment so you’d be wise to get the extras with it. It’s a quality build and the parts are good.

It’s my pick of the mountain ebikes out there and if you’re looking for some off-road fun at the weekends, then, brother, this is your man! Splash the cash and get it! It’s one purchase this year I can safely say you won’t regret. It’s durability means it will provide tons of fun for many a year to come…



Richbit ebike

Richbit ebike

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