Premium Deluxe Aluminum Electric Folding Bicycle with 250Watt Ride Assist Motor. Portable Bike For Urban Transportation. Best Ebike with High-end Quality Components. Affordable Sale Price.

New Saturn Folding Bicycle features premium components at affordable prices. This is one nice looking, aerodynamic shaped bicycle, with unique z-type aluminum frame. It features 250W lightweight advanced electric motor and on-board computer to offer best performance. Narrow profile Kenda tires offer great ride in an urban environment. All aluminum components frame and stainless steel chain. Great bike for everyday commute and travel.
This is our first Saturn bicycle. It is very nice quality, no cheap components. Bike can get pretty scary speed at full pedal assist level. Because of smaller wheels, it does feel at first slightly different than a full sized bike. Also, because of unique oval shape of seat post, there is no quick way to lower seat post down.
Battery pack attached to seat post, and therefore hex bolts holding battery pack need to be released along with hex bolt at seat base in order to fully lower seat post down. As a result, provided free bonus bag will not fully cover folded bicycle. Bike seat in that case can be covered with optional draw string bag if so desired. Folding Electric BicycleWe also recommend optional bungee cord to secure folded handlebar to wheels when bicycle is folded down.

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